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Monday, 05/Oct/2009

Islay Lighthouse Poems

Ron recently pointed out some very nice ‘Marina Aerial Pictures’ of Islay, specifically the Rhuvaal lighthouse and the Rinns of Islay lighthouse (or Rhinns of Islay if you're so inclined). Today I've found something I think nicely complements the pictures, lighthouse poems, thoughts and views about the lighthouses and their stories. So far two of Islay's lighthouses are covered, starting with the one on Orsay:


The second one is the one at Rhuvaal:


The poems are by Peter J Hill (aided by Dr Gavin Hill), who used to work as a lighthouse keeper. There are no lighthouse keepers any more today (the lighthouses are all automated), but Peter would like to keep the memory alive. Now in the twilight of his years he's about to publish a book about his experiences, Star of the Four Kingdoms (see also his blog about the book and his experiences).

I hope you enjoy the poems, the lighthouses certainly mean a lot to Peter!

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