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Wednesday, 07/Oct/2009

More Islay Pictures from Mr Phillip

Screenshot of a set of black and white pictures on Flickr

Remember the Islay Distilleries with a Pinhole Camera pictures from last month? If you haven't seen them yet you might want to take a look now. Even if you did see them then you might want to take another look as Ian has added a few more since I wrote about them. But now to the real topic of this entry, more Islay pictures from Ian Phillip:

In addition to the distillery pictures he has also posted a set called Islay, September 2009 over the last couple of days (and might still be adding to it). I think it goes without saying that I like them a lot as well. Some are pinhole photography pictures (like the Kildalton cross), others are with his old film cameras. All are in black & white or sepia tones.

I'm struggling to describe what I like about them. It's a combination of things. The slowness. The ‘unexcitedness’ (hm, is that a real word or something I just made up?). The timelessness. The mood.

Whatever it is, I hope you like them as well.

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