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Thursday, 08/Oct/2009

The Ileach Japan Goes Offline?

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Some rather sad news for Islay bloggers today, but also the tentative question if anyone knows anything more: Many people will be aware of one of Islay's best ambassadors in Japan, Takeshi Mogi. I've mentioned his website and the Ileach Japan as well as his Islay Blog in Japanese before. Ron had him introducing his Isle of Islay Home Page in Japan on his weblog. Now all of that seems to be gone?

A few weeks ago I noticed the address for his Japanese Islay blog changing and even updated it in the Islay Blogs list. However, that link ( now is dead. As are almost all of the links to his websites. After a quick search I found this seems to have happened a few weeks ago: Nonjatta: Takeshi Mogi goes offline.

I'm sure Takeshi Mogi will have his reasons for stopping his online work, he might want to share them, he might not. If there is any information which can be shared I'm sure the Islay web community would appreciate it. Otherwise I think everyone will join in thanking Takeshi Mogi for all the work he's done over the years and wishing him all the best in whatever his plans are.

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