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Monday, 07/Dec/2009

Port Ellen Harbour Pictures

Let's start the week with some recent pictures I received from Islay: Elliott Bowman, who many will know from his Islay Shipping blog, has just sent me two pictures I'm happy to show below. Elliott works in the harbour, so knows a lot about what's happening. To start with a contraption quite important for the whisky industry:

Picture of a barley discharge chute on a pier wall

In case you don't know what that is, that's the about to be dismantled Barley Boat Discharge shoot, there are more pictures and background on Elliott's blog if you follow the link. Next another picture of the fish quay wall works from last weekend, Elliott is helping with pouring the concrete:

Picture of an under construction quay wall

That's all for this evening, but not all from Port Ellen. There will be more pictures of the fish quay wall tomorrow (as well as a bonus picture of something else whisky related)…

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