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Tuesday, 08/Dec/2009

More Port Ellen Work Pictures from Islay

Small picture of workmen busy on a quay wall

Finishing last night's Port Ellen Harbour Pictures I promised you more pictures I had just received from Islay while finishing the entry. The first are more views of the fish quay rebuilding work, the bonus picture will be of interest in particular for those interested in some of the Islay whiskies. You'll have to read the full entry to find out what that is though. Let's start with the fish quay wall, where the work has now moved on to the other side of the old boat steps:

Large picture of workmen busy on a quay wall

This picture shows quite nicely the work on the next section of the wall. I'm not sure if the next pour of concrete has already gone in or if this is the preparation for it. Looking closely I think there's some of the divers equipment next to the van, I guess they will be from the previously mentioned CDCampbell Marine Contracts (Craighouse, Jura).

For the third picture we move half a mile or so up the road, to the Port Ellen Maltings. Some might remember the Port Ellen Islay Maltings silo collapse just over a year ago. Work on building the replacement silos has now begun, as this picture a friend from Islay took on Friday shows:

Picture of a barley silo under construction

They are going up in the same place as the old ones, a decision made earlier this year. If you are confused by the picture as it seems to show the top then you are in the same position I was when I first looked at it. I've since learned that they jack up the silos from the bottom every time they complete a section. I guess to an engineer (which I'm not) that makes perfect sense.

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