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Wednesday, 09/Dec/2009

Some Great Islay and Scotland Pictures

Photoblog time. Islay and Scotland pictures brought to us from Vienna, Austria. I'm not sure where and when I first came across her blog, I think I might have noticed Eva's comments somewhere (may be on Mark's Islay Photography Gallery?) and followed the link to her blog. Anyway, a few days ago she sent me a quick note that she was kicking off a new sequence of Islay pictures on her blog:

Screenshot of pictures tagged with Islay from a photoblog

To see them all you need to go to Meruby's Photoblog. If you're only interested in the Islay pictures you can just select those tagged ‘Islay’, but then you would miss some of the other great pictures. I quite like Greens and Ghosts to pick just two.

There are also great pictures from her home country Austria or from a visit to Australia, but it would stretch the focus of this blog a bit far to cover them.

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