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Monday, 14/Dec/2009

Islay Pictures Photoblog First Year

Screenshot of a picture gallery with 356 pictures

Another birthday: Stictly speaking it was yesterday, but yesterday was Islay blogging roundup day. As of today it's actually a year and a day since I posted the first picture to my then just created Islay Pictures photoblog. A lot has happened since:

During that first year I've posted Islay 355 pictures (if I'm not mistaken, the image count is off by one as I made a mistake once and had to delete a picture), yesterday the 356th picture was added on its first birthday. That makes an average of 0.9726 pictures per day, quite close to one. Meaning I'm pretty close to my goal of one a day. I think I've posted a picture every day I had access to my pictures and the internet, there were also a few ‘catch up days’ where I posted 2-3 pictures while on Islay where I usually don't have internet access. The screenshot on the left shows you how the gallery with all the Islay pictures posted so far looked yesterday, that's 356 pictures altogether.

I don't run any statistics tool, so I don't know how many visitors see the pictures, but then I'm not really interested in those numbers. I know people see the pictures and their comments and other feedback indicates they like what they see. That's all that matters and good enough for me. Thank you to all the vocal as well as the silent visitors, you know who you are.

Are there any favourite Islay pictures from the first year?

I think there are several, all for different reasons. This Dramatic June Sunset (taken by my sister I'd like to point out) caused some strong reactions, mainly of the ‘Wow!’ variety. The October Sunrise over Kilchoman Beach, Machir Bay, Isle of Islay is one of my personal all time favourites, it was a fantastic morning and a print of it is hanging in my bedroom. They are often photogenic, but this one of the The Paps of Jura from Bowmore is one of my favourites. Finally any list of this type would be incomplete without a distillery, for that one I'll go for Laphroaig Distillery at Warehouse No 1.

I hope you've enjoyed the journey so far as well and will stay with me for the next 350 or so pictures…

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