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Wednesday, 16/Dec/2009

Port Ellen (Islay) From Up High

Picture of a man (Armin Grewe) standing on the top of a building

Back in July 2008 I stood on the second floor of the then still roofless Islay Hotel in Port Ellen, enjoying some nice views over the village and surrounding areas. In yesterday's Islay Hotel and Port Ellen Maltings Silo Update I mentioned a few more pictures I was holding back for another entry. They show Port Ellen from quite a bit higher than the view I had from the second floor, probably from about as high as you can get without using a helicopter or plane. They were taken by Craig the painter from his platform hoist when painting the Islay Hotel over the last week. Let's start with a view down to Caladh Sona:

Picture of a white painted building with yellow window and door frames, seen from above

Still looking east across Loch Leodamais we can see Columba Hall on the corner of Frederick Crescent and Mansefield Road. Port Ellen Primary School and some of the Laphroaig distillery warehouses also visible in the distance:

Picture of a village road along a bay, a church hall in the centre

We now turn around to the other side, a view straight down Charlotte Street with Ramsay Hall in the distance:

Picture of a view down a village road from a high vantage point

Still looking in the roughly same direction we turn left slightly and the former Port Ellen distillery warehouses and the Port Ellen Maltings come into view:

Picture of a view over a bay with distillery warehouses and a maltings at the end

Finally we turn left a bit again for a view out towards Kilnaughton Bay with The Oa behind it, Port Ellen distillery warehouses on the right:

Picture of a view over a bay in the winter afternoon sunshine

That's it. I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I did, I love pictures from high vantage points. Thank you very much to those who made it possible for me to post them here!

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