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Saturday, 26/Dec/2009

Islay Wave Power Plant Video

Islay on Video written in stencil

Islay being an island should be ideally placed to utilise the almost endless energy of the sea for power generation. In recent weeks the Islay Energy Trust has been making headline news with the Tidal Energy project being picked up by BBC Newsnight Scotland as well as Al Jazeera Television. However, it is note the only project using the power of the sea on Islay, as there is also the Wavegen Limpet station near Portnahaven. Recently I found this video about it by greenmagoos:


This installation is mainly a research facility and while I believe it delivers some power to the National Grid this hasn't been much and more importantly it didn't go very far as the grid on Islay isn't designed to take it. It also make a surprising amount of noise, as you can hear at various points in the video.

Nevertheless I think this project and technology shouldn't be forgotten behind all the excitement about the tidal energy project. I believe a combination of many technologies will be needed to supply our future energy.

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