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Sunday, 27/Dec/2009

Islay Blogging Roundup #104

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

That's the Christmas holiday pretty much over, I started writing this Islay blogging roundup at Frankfurt Airport, although I finished it at home in Aldermaston Wharf. I hope you all had a nice Christmas, I had a nice time with my sister and father in Heidelberg. But now it's back to the blogs and Islay and Jura in said blogs over the last week, there were still some great entries to be found:

Let me start with some great memories in Your most memorable whisky story?, asked by John Hansell. His is from Islay, you will also find several Islay mentions in the comments. Speaking of visits to Islay, Staying at the Bowmore distillery cottages in Islay is another story of a great time on Islay.

Quite I few people in particular in Scotland had a white Christmas (unlike Heidelberg for me, where it was raining on Christmas eve), so the Muasdale Holidays Reports with More snow on Jura & Islay provide a fitting picture, even though it's from Monday. There was also a picture of the snow covered Paps of Jura on the Islay Birds blog.

Speaking of the Islay Birds blog, it also had an Islay snowman combined with various bird count numbers. The Goose count numbers also came in earlier in the week with 40,727 Barnies and 7,079 Whitefronts. John Islay Birder Armitage takes a look beyond Islay and the International Trade in Wildlife Specimens. On his Islay Wildlife blog he writes about the Red Deer in particular on the Rinns of Islay.

Back to a bit of whisky blogging, Whisky and Cycling writes about the Ardbeg 10 Year Old. Mind the gap (which seems to be a UK tourism blog for the Nordics) brings up the topic of Love Whisky? Got some extra hours? Why not study?, a geology course at the University of Stockholm which includes a study tour to Islay.

The WHISKYhost Blog has a music video, a song titled Lagavulin for Christmas, strangely enough following from an entry Lagavulin Six Ways. Shurely just a coincidence? Then there's an important question to answer: Whisky gives you a worse hangover than Vodka? I’ve got a word for that… You'll have follow the link to find out the word and who said it

On Elliott's Islay Shipping blog we find news of the Islay Ferry Service and the M.V Shetland Trader. More important for Elliott though: I have made it through to the final.

Ron and family say Merry Christmas Everyone, following the Happy Seasonwatch Greetings. He also points out that an A83 upgrade at R&BT Should Prevent Future Closures. Well, the Rest isn't the only place where landslides happen on the A83…

There were still quite a few pictures posted despite (or may be because?) the Christmas holidays: My favourites on Mark's Islay Photography Gallery this week were Wild goat in the Snow, Ice Sculpture at Saligo and Snowfall at Bruichladdich 2. On Ron's photoblog we find a few pictures from Teresa Morris, like Islay Stag in Winter or Winter on the Glen Road.

On Meruby's Photoblog we find Kilchoman Beach, Islay (4/4) and Kilchoman Beach, Islay (2/4) before she moves on to Ingredients. From my own Islay Pictures photoblog my own picks this week were Walkers arriving at Bunnahabhain and Fishing Boat at Bunnahabhain.

While I've got the funny feeling that I've forgotten something I'm going to finish the roundup now. There's no Scottish Roundup this week, although Duncan hinted of a ‘special announcement some time next week’. No idea what that could be, I guess just keep checking. This entry was finished with a fantastic Laphroaig Triple Wood Islay single malt and some Leysieffer dark chocolate with sea salt. Delicious!

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