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Dimàirt, 12/Jan/2010

Picture Collection of Islay's Celtic Crosses

Screenshot of thumbnails of Celtic Cross pictures

Islay is quite well known for its Celtic Crosses, found in a number of places on the island. Often photographed, but then again you can never have enough Islay pictures of any kind. Recently I came across (or arguably rediscovered as I probably first saw it in 2007) a nice collection of all three crosses on Flickr, which I thought I point out today:

It is called Kilnave, Kilchoman, & Kildalton Crosses: Aug/Sept 2007 and was created by Mary Sanseverino from Canada. She went Biking and Bagging in Scotland: Aug 25 - Sept 22, 2007 with her partner (?) and some friends, which included a visit to Islay, where she was impressed by the Celtic crosses and how accessible they are:

I was so impressed with the mood, light, and workmanship of the many ancient Celtic crosses, grave slabs, and old parish churches on Islay that Mike and I (okay - really mostly me) went a bit wild with the camera. [..]

That you can simply walk up to these monuments, and even touch them is amazing. In other countries they would be locked away in a museum where only people that could afford the admission fee could see them.

Depends on how you look at it (some would argue it's in a different country), but at Stonehenge that's pretty much the case…

If you're not into Celtic crosses and would like to see just some other Islay pictures try Islay Rides and Hikes: Aug 30 - Sept 1, 2007 or Lagavulin - Sept 1, 2007 from her collection. You can find an account of the whole tour on Biking and Bagging -- A biking and hiking tour through Scotland (which I've just realised I have linked to before, as I've just spotted at least one comment by me on the blog. Indeed I have, in the very first Islay blogging roundup).

I hope you'll enjoy either or all of the pictures.

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