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Diluain, 18/Jan/2010

Islay Diving Videos Part 3 & 4

Islay on Video written in stencil

Back at work now and a busy week ahead. Think I need to take a bit of the weekend over into the week, luckily I've got just the thing for that: On Saturday I posted the Islay Diving Videos Part 1 & 2, now it's time for the next two in the series. With a banjo (?) tune we turn to the north of Islay with a stop at Port Askaig:


A couple of times (e.g. at 1:50 minutes) we get to see a very calm Port Askaig, with what I believe to be the old Thames class ‘Helmut Schroder of Dunlossit’ lifeboat. It has since been replaced by the Severn class ‘Helmut Schroder of Dunlossit II’. Next we go diving again, but I think also say good bye to Islay:


I think what we get to see at 1:56 minutes is Ailsa Craig, quite a bit to the west of Kintyre. That shouldn't stop you watching though, at 2:10 minutes some good shots of Gannets diving into the water while hunting for food. Followed by more shots of diving and fish.

That's kind of it for this series of videos, although there's one ‘bonus video’ which I think I'll post over the next few days. Not necessarily really Islay related but nice to watch.

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