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Islay Blogging Roundup #107

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

It's Sunday, it must be time for the Islay blogging roundup. Running a bit late today as I had to complete some quite urgent administrative work, but I still hope to be able to deliver you an interesting roundup this week. There certainly were some interesting Islay and Jura related entries in the blogs over the last week or so:

Let me start with the visitors to Islay: With hindsight we should have organised a meeting, may be we even met but we didn't know of each other then. Igal Tabachnik visited Islay in October last year (same time when I was there) and wrote about his stay in Visiting Islay - Guest Post by Igal Tabachnik and Visiting Islay Part 2. A Part 3 is yet to come. We can read about a future Islay visit on the OOR ALBA BLOG: 2010 Feis Ile.

Green whisky from Islay – the water of life brings power is an entry about a report I suspect we will find in more blogs over the coming weeks: Methane galore on whisky island - Times Online. Sticking with the green and nature theme, Islay is mentioned in a local habitation and a name.

Staying with the whisky, Whisky For Everyone writes in the whisky cupboard ... Laphroaig Quarter Cask. writes about the Kilchoman Autumn 2009 Release while Tasty Tasty Whisky continues with A week at Kilchoman part-2. The Bruichladdich Blog asks Who does the SWA represent?

You might think under the title A perfume of fragrant peat emanating from every page on the Carmichael Watson Project Blog you might find something about whisky as well, but you would be wrong. I'll let you find out yourself. On Ron's Islay Weblog we find Jim Mitchell’s Annual Ileach Newspaper Summary 2009 and a note about Winter Shows a Different Face. I thought I would have mentioned this last week, but don't seem to have, Elliott has a video of the M.V Clansman passing Port Askaig.

Of course there was quite a bit of birdwatching again, the Islay Birds blog comments about a lack of ducks at Gruinart, but they were seen elsewhere. Peter and Malcolm spotted a variety of birds and later in the week the Gyr Falcon was spotted again. One of the people who saw it was John Islay Birder Armitage, who has the Gyr Falcon located! after the Gyr alert!! Earlier he commented about the weather and Eagle Owls again!

OK, the pictures: A slightly unusual picture in Snap! » Hole to start with. We find Islay Light on Big Sky Photos. The Jura Picture of the Day has up close, on the ground and a nice picture of the wee bridge. On Meruby's Photoblog my favourites this week were Bowmore pier and Darkness (2/2).

Mark Unsworth on his Islay Photography Gallery continues with a wintery theme, my favourites this week were Loch Lossit, Lily Loch Fence and Loch Ballygrant. On Ron's photoblog we find Rough Sea and Breaking Waves near Portnahaven while I think the best from my own Islay Pictures photoblog this week were Bunnahabhain Distillery seen from Ferry and At Loch Laphroaig, Isle of Islay.

I think that's it for this week, writing this Islay blogging summary was supported by a wee dram (or two) of Laphroaig Triple Wood and some Leysieffer Meersalz Schokolade. Of course there's still the mention for the Scottish Roundup, this week announcing Scotblogs awards: It’s time to vote! Guess what, there are several Islay (and at least one Jura) blogs in there, so better get voting! I'd like to encourage you to discover the other blogs as well though (and if you like them to vote for them), there are some fantastic blogs in there deserving the recognition.

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