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Disathairne, 16/Jan/2010

Islay Diving Videos Part 1 & 2

Islay on Video written in stencil

This is another day where I'm very glad about the possibilities the internet opens up. Back in 1991 I didn't know of the internet, probably hadn't imagined digital video for everyone and was still 7 years away from my first visit to Islay. Not that I knew of Islay back then anyway. So it was great to discover a number of old videos of a diving trip in Islay's waters from 1991, digitised and shared by Keith Shetland. In the past they would have just ‘disappeared’ unseen by many. The first two in the series I'd like to show you today:


While the first video showed the journey to Islay and the first dive the second has a few scenes from around Islay: In part 2 the boat travels around The Oa with some views of the American Monument from below.


There are more videos in the series, I plan to blog about them next week. The include scenes from Port Askaig with the old Thames class Helmut Schroder of Dunlossit lifeboat. Watch this space…

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