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Disathairne, 23/Jan/2010

Andreas Gugau's Islay Pictures

Winter evenings are a good time to look at pictures, in particular Islay pictures. This evening I'm going to take you to the gallery of Andreas Gugau from Germany. Don't worry about his website being in German, I'll guide you to the right places. Don't want you to get lost in China, New York City or at a Motörhead concert, although by no means I want to stop you looking at those pictures. However, I'm going to focus on Islay here:

To get to the Islay pictures we start in Schottland (that's obviously Scotland in German). Let's start with the Küstenlandschaften (coastal landscapes), where we find this picture of the Mull of Oa. Of course there's more, I wouldn't write this entry just for one picture. We continue with the Whisky category:

Straight away we find the first Islay pictures in Lagavulin Bay and a Mashtun (which happens to be at Bruichladdich). But there's more in the Whisky '08 subcategory, where we find most of Andreas' Islay pictures:

There are several general Islay pictures in this section, like this Sonnenuntergang über Islay II (sunset over Islay) taken from Kintyre or this Segelpartie (sailing excursion) in the Sound of Islay. However, the majority of the pictures are in the subcategories by distillery, like the Bruichladdich Distillery pictures, Ardbeg Distillery pictures or Bunnahabhain Distillery pictures. I don't know why Kilchoman and Laphroaig are missing, in particular as he certainly was at Laphroaig to take this this picture of Palmen (palm trees).

I hope you've enjoyed the pictures, certainly those from Islay but may be also from elsewhere. If you speak German you might also be interested in this Whisky Guide, where Andreas seems to be one of the driving forces. I haven't looked at it much though, so have no idea if it is any good.

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