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Dimàirt, 26/Jan/2010

Islay Birdwatching in Italian

Today I'm going to take you to Islay via Italy. Why Italy? I can't tell you much about Marco ‘Il Cao’ Melzi, but what I do know (or at least think I know) is that he is from Italy, is into birdwatching and has a good taste in cameras. That's about as far as it goes. Oh, and one more thing: He has also visited Islay at least once.

Screenshot of a picture collection of Islay pictures

Above are some of his Islay pictures, which you can find in the Islay and Jura set on his general Flickr Photostream. Some great pictures here like walking on the cliff, e quando non c'è la nebbia... (anyone care to translate for me?) and Breathing. There are a few bird pictures in this set, but does that justify the title of this entry? No. But there's more:

Screenshot of a collection of bird pictures

Marco has a second Flickr account called Marco ‘Il Cao’ Birdwatching which includes a set birdwatching su Islay. Only 14 pictures so far, but I think Marco is still adding pictures to it. Even if he didn't, just for this picture Gufo di Palude - Asio Flammeus - Short-eared Owl it is worth visiting. While I can't read any of the explanations he's added I can at least learn some bird names in Italian (also look at some of the other pictures). We already had the Short-eared Owl, you should only need one guess what a Falco Pellegrino is in English?

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