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Diluain, 25/Jan/2010

Islay and the MacDonalds

Islay on Video written in stencil

Strictly speaking the series I'm going to bring to you today is about Highland Clans, but I'm going to pick out the Islay bits only. Paul Murton presents the history of a number of famous Highland Clans, from the Islay point of view the MacDonalds are probably the most interesting, after all they were the Lords of the Isles. The series about the MacDonalds starts with an introduction of Somerled. The second part covers his death and his grandson Donald forming Clan Donald, we also see Islay with Angus Og starting to appear:


Many familiar faces and places on Islay in this part with Finlaggan, Dunyvaig Castle, Bowmore, Iseabail Mactaggart, the Islay Gaelic Choir to name a few. The last part mainly covers the decline of the clan, but there's also a bit more about Finlaggan at the start:


Interesting to note the comments at the last part who don't seem to be too convinced with some of the claims of the ancestors. I don't know who's right, you'll have to judge/decide that for yourselves.

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