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Diluain, 01/Feb/2010

My First Islay Picture

Recently I came across an envelope with a few holiday snaps. Not just any holiday snaps though, no, they were the ones from my first visit to Islay in August 1998. I had scanned some, but not all of them, previously. Looking at them again I wondered, which one of these was the first picture I ever took of Islay? I don't have the negatives any more, but luckily there were some (now only faintly visible) numbers printed on the back. After a bit of sorting and some educated guesswork I'm now fairly sure this is my first ever Islay picture:

Scan of a picture of a view over a sea loch

Not terribly exciting, but still, this is my first of many thousands of Islay pictures. Everybody has got to start somewhere. It looks like I didn't take any pictures on my very first day on Islay, as I'm fairly sure this was on the second day. My first day on Islay was rather wet, as far as I can remember: I had arrived on a grey morning with the 7:00 am ex Kennacraig ferry having stayed in a B&B in Tarbert. After checking in at the Port Charlotte Hotel (back then run by Carl and Jan Reavey) I remember driving to Portnahaven in the rain where I had lunch at some community hall. Not sure what I did in the afternoon and evening.

The first picture was probably taken some time in the morning on the second day, the view is certainly from my room at the Port Charlotte Hotel, looking towards Laggan Bay and over Port Charlotte pier. The rest of the day was spent visiting Port Askaig and Bunnahabhain (in particular I looked at the wreck of the Wyre Majestic). I might also have been to Claggain Bay, although I think it's more likely that was on the third day.

So what's your first ever picture of Islay? What's your first memory of Islay?

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