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Dimàirt, 02/Feb/2010

Richard Childs' Islay Pictures and Course

Richard Childs moved to the West coast of Scotland (Oban I assume, at least that's where he lives now) after his first visit to the Highlands of Scotland in 2001. He also moved to large format cameras since then. Most important though (well, at least as far as this blog is concerned) he also visits Islay occasionally. I first came across his (Islay) pictures on Flickr:

Screenshot of four pictures tagged Islay on a Flickr account

To see them in full check out Richard Childs' stuff tagged with Islay, for all his pictures go to Richard Childs' photostream. From his pictures a link leads to his Richard Childs Photography website, a link I followed because of the text under his most recent two pictures:

I am leading a workshop tour with Gari Beet to this spectacular and relatively un-photographed island from March 15th-19th this year. [..] Details on my website.

On his website I had a look at his pictures, you can find a few more from Islay in the Mull, Iona, Islay, Jura, Coll, Tiree, Colonsay gallery. On the Workshops/Tours page there's a bit more information about the 15th-19th March 2010 tour he's planning, including the cost, £525 per person including transport from Kennacraig, accommodation, food and all tuition. He also repeats the claim from earlier:

Like much of Argyll, Islay remains relatively unknown to the Landscape Photographer. Lovers of wildlife have been visiting the island in large numbers for years [..] For lovers of landscape, Islay makes a perfect place to visit.

While I and probably many others will agree that Islay is a great place for photography I'm not so sure about the ‘relatively un-photographed’ and ‘relatively unknown’ part. May be compared to Skye or Mull, but then they are comparably easy and quick to reach. At the same time there's a successful resident photographer, at least three active photo blogs dedicated to Islay, many other blogs posting at least occasional Islay pictures and much much more.

Still, all the best to Richard, Gari and the participants of their course, hopefully they will share some of their results online!

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