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Diluain, 15/Feb/2010

Tidal Turbine Maintenance

Having taken you away from Islay on Saturday for the Bird of Prey Eye's View I've decided to take you away again today, to the Netherlands. What do the Netherlands have to do with Islay you might wonder. Well, to start with there are quite a few people from there visiting Islay, Ron who compiles the Islay Weblog hails from there and most importantly for this entry they seem to know a thing or two about tidal energy.

Many people will be aware of the Islay Tidal Energy Project, driven by the Islay Energy Trust (see also the Tidal Project Frequently Asked Questions). Many years of research have been put in before it came to the current stage, including some Sound of Islay Tidal Power Research with the Equimar project. Which leads me to today's video, which was published on the EquimarVid YouTube Channel:


Now not everything mentioned in this video will apply to the likely installation in the Sound of Islay, but I would still expect the general problems won't be very different. In particular I would assume the quite short window of time to access the machines will also apply. The general conditions might be even tougher in Scotland compared to the Netherlands.

I hope you find the video interesting, feel free to leave your thoughts about these excursions in the comments below. Or should you have any further information or thoughts about the maintenance of these turbines.

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