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Dimàirt, 16/Feb/2010

Islay is really a Colour (it seems)

Picture of a car surface in ‘Islay Blue’

Time for one of those quirky Islay related entries again. Remember the Which Blue is Islay? entry from last year? In it I wrote about an Aston Martin car painted in ‘Islay Blue’. Back then I thought only Aston Martin called it ‘Islay Blue’, but something I came across today indicates there might be more to it than just the paint of a car:

Knitting blogs are admittedly not on my daily reading list, although I've come across quite a few over the years, many mentioning visits to Islay and wool bought on Islay.Picture of a knitted garment in ‘Islay Blue’ Today I came across funsize first from Shoreline in Washington in the United States. No Islay visit to be seen anywhere in Nordic Heritage Museum #2 (from where I ‘borrowed’ the strongly cropped screenshot on the left, showing the colour in question), but this sentence caught my eye:

The colors were ”Islay“ and ”Mairi“, which worked out to be a light blue and a marled, tweedy navy blue.

Surely this can't be a coincidence, a light blue in both cases? Or may be it is just that, a coincidence? It's not in this List of colo(u)rs in Wikipedia, but then again the entry says there are many (sometimes conflicting) colour names and lists out there…

PS: Bonus link, Eye-test call on Islay colour probe

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