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Disathairne, 20/Feb/2010

A Sailing Visit to Jura (Video)

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After the Hogmanay on Jura on Thursday it's time for another excursion to Jura. Again the video was created by Jon Pullman, this time him and a few friends went sailing for a weekend. On a rather unsettled April weekend they set sail from Craobh Haven (Craobh Marina, one of the homes of Scottish Yacht Charters) to visit Craighouse and the Bay of Small Isles on Jura:

An April Sailing from jon Pullman on Vimeo.

There's a bit more than just sailing in this video, so you might want to watch it even if you're not that interested in sailing. You get to see a few dolphins (well, kind of) and they tackle one of the Paps of Jura (although admittedly don't go all the way, with good reason).

I hope you've enjoyed the video and another excursion, tomorrow it's back to (mostly) Islay again for the Islay blogging roundup.

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