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Didòmhnaich, 28/Mar/2010

Islay Blogging Roundup #117

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

The clocks might have gone forward today on Islay and the rest of the UK (not to forget most of the continent), but the Islay blogging roundup still comes on a Sunday evening. Having played around with posterous over the weekend (reviving my Isle of Islay account and setting up an Aldermaston Wharf - Life at the canal account) it's time to turn to other blogs again. What have they been writing about Islay over the last week or so?

Let me start with a visit to Islay: Recently Mikael Karlsson (a Photographer) visited Scotland and posted first pictures in Scotland part one. He also visited a few distilleries, which brings me nicely to the whisky:

On the Bruichladdich Blog we learn that the New Warehouse Takes Shape and read thoughts about the Duty Rises - Again. On Whisky Israel we read about a Quick Dram : Coal Ila “Unpeated Style” 2009 while the Edinburgh Whisky Blog spills some Ardbegs Secrets. And from Sweden we hear of Rekapitulering av Islayprovningen igår. Whatever that means.

The Whisky Boys highly recommend the Bruichladdich Whisky - 17 Year Old Rum Cask Islay Single Malt while in a way related is Cuban Vintage Rum from 1998. It's not strictly speaking an Islay entry, but some of the Islay distilleries get a mention in the comments to Help! on the Edinburgh Whisky Blog.

An interesting project is holgana, where Alisa with her ‘holga’ provides the pictures from Scotland. The include a bunch from Islay, so far I've found rhinns of islay lighthouse, the round church, mr. woolly llama and finlaggan. A blog to watch.

On Ron's Islay Weblog we find Easter Shopping and News from An Gleann and news about a new page for Marine Wildlife and Geology of Islay. Long time readers of this blog will probably have seen the videos already, but McKelvie Transport delivers the goods to Islay...eventually! A fantastic YouTube Odyssey on Biglorryblog! is good to see again.

The Islay Energy Trust reports of Wave and Tidal Leasing for Argyll and reminds people that Spring may be coming…..but…. I haven't got round to investigate it much further, but The Mystery of the Portballintrae Cable has an interesting link to Islay. Any pointers welcome!

The Islay Birds blogs finished this week with a picture of … a Mottled Grey Moth. This was a contribution by Danny Arnold, who had also provided other sightings. Earlier in the week there were a variety of observations and the latest Goose count numbers. John Islay Birder Armitage is still away but seems to be looking forward to return to Islay after some Good news and bad news.

I've already mentioned some pictures earlier, but that doesn't mean we can't have a few more: On Mark's Islay Photography Gallery he promises to reveal more about a picture titled Syrah on Tuesday. There's also an ‘old’ picture of Port Askaig and an interesting headline: Honey, I've shrunk the ferry! Ewan of Islay Photos has the Paps of Jura from Kilchoman Road 2 and the Snow Covered Paps from Bowmore Harbour.

That's about it this week, I think. Apart from the Scottish Roundup of course, this week with The More Things Change….Time to Adjust Your Clocks. Good night for now.

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