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Disathairne, 27/Mar/2010

Highway (Ha'way) to Hell, Islay Style

Islay on Video written in stencil

Earlier this week I posted Videos from the Powerage Gig on Islay, followed by More Powerage on Islay Videos. Having posted all these videos I thought I might as well post another one, this time we have Barry Hastie joining Powerage for a rendition of AC/DC's Highway to Hell:


I think that's it for now, I hope those of you not into this style of music will forgive me the three postings in a week. Time permitting I'm hoping to post another more calm Islay video some time over the next few days, latest over the Easter weekend. Fingers crossed.

Enjoy Saturday evening, be it as noisy as in the video or a in more quiet way, whatever is your style.

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