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Disathairne, 03/Apr/2010

Murder at Islay High School

Islay on Video written in stencil

Did you know that Islay High School is a quite dangerous place where several murders took place recently? No, neither did I until Thursday. It also seems to be a place for espionage, organised crime and other strange activities. But before you panic, no, international crime hasn't reached Islay. Islay High School is still a very safe place to send your children to. The crimes I described only happened in the movies, or at least the opening sequences to them:

Reason Unknown - Intermediate One Media Studies Production from Andy Wallis on Vimeo.

The video above is an example of the work students of the Media Studies class have done, as their teacher Andy Wallis explains on his blog: Media Production Videos. The other two videos in this context are The Dark Temptations - Intermediate One Media Production and The Case - Intermediate Two Media Production. Andy and his students are looking for feedback on all of them, luckily through the power of the internet they can receive it on Islay from around the world.

I've already sent some of my thoughts to Andy yesterday. I quite liked ‘Reason Unknown’, I loved the sudden change to colour when the shot was fired. However, I didn't understand why it changed to colour at the end, that didn't feel right to me. On ‘The Dark Temptations’ I didn't like the titles at all, they just felt wrong and looked ugly. However, I absolutely love the music (it has a child lullaby like yet sinister tone to it. Like what a deranged hired killer might listen to) and the general style of it. The shoes one of the ‘baddies’ were perfect. I struggled with ‘The Case’, while I liked the way it was cut it didn't feel like a thriller to me. In my mind it created the feel of a horror movie, not a thriller.

Those were my impressions, yours might be completely different. I'm sure Andy (and of course his students) would love to hear your views, best way is probably via his blog or if you have an account via the individual videos on Vimeo.

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