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Diardaoin, 22/Apr/2010

Adopting Islay (and donating to Cancer Research)

You might wonder what links adopting Islay and donating to Cancer Research together. The answer is, nothing really, yet a lot for me personally. Yes, it's that day again. 42 years ago today I was born, 2 years ago today my mother passed away. In other words, a day with mixed feelings. Let me start with the positive, a lovely surprise I received today. Someone has adopted the word Islay for me:

Scan of a certificate that the word 'Islay' has been adopted for Armin Grewe

I'm not entirely sure if they are comfortable to be mentioned by name, so I'm only going to say this was a lovely surprise by two other regular Islay visitors and walkers I just met again last week. They didn't give a single hint of what was in store, so it was a real surprise when I received the letter with the birthday present.

The adoption is handled through Adopt a Word (now there's a surprise) and the proceeds go to I CAN, a children's communication charity. Keeping in mind how important communication is a very worthy cause. The idea of adopting a word perfectly links to this.

Thank you very much to the two!

Now the other side of the day: As long term readers of this blog will know my late mother died of cancer, an illness that still kills many many people. Hence my twice annual appeal for donations to cancer charities, if you've got some money to spare. Here are a few cancer charities which could need your help:

But if you prefer to adopt a word and help a child learning to communicate that's fine as well, my mother was a teacher so I'm sure she would have liked the idea.

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