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Didòmhnaich, 25/Apr/2010

Islay Blogging Roundup #119

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

It's back. After two Sundays without an Islay blogging roundup while I was away walking on Islay the look around the blogosphere for mentions of Islay and Jura is back. While I was away I posted mainly on my Isle of Islay account on Posterous (as that's quite easy from my phone) and was very pleased with how well it worked. While not as frequent I'm going to continue posting to it occasionally from home, for example after returning from some shopping. This leads me to the first mention for this week:

I was pretty much expecting it to come, another Islay account on posterous. Well, here it is, Ron of has set it up. Let's see what he does with it.

It looks like the Islay visits have picked up over the last few weeks, I came across several blogs and postings mentioning Islay visits:

I've mentioned him yesterday already, Douglas of Sea kayaking with has been back to Islay. As of writing this there are four entries related to the visit, I expect there are more to come. So far we have Day return to Islay, please., The most southern point of the Hebrides., Oa what a beautiful morning, Oa what a beautiful day! and The SE coast of the Mull of Oa, Islay.

Then there's a whisky club from Sweden (although judging from the name, assuming it is real, the author might be British or American). In Scotland 2009 they hinted of an upcoming visit to Islay in 2010. The report of that was posted yesterday, Islay 2010. They were on the same ferry as me leaving Islay.

Another regular Islay visitor is Gordon Yates, who writes Volcano delays Migration. James Spencer also seems to visit Islay fairly regularly recently, he's posted Ornithological Idiocy: Islay Pictures after Spring on the Sunny Sea. Not birdwatching, but still wildlife: Seal Diet Scotland - Islay, Jura, Ardnave and Oransay and Gigha.

I've got the funny feeling I've mention this blog before: TeuchterTex: Back to basics also writes about an Islay visit. I know I've mentioned Hilton Church before when Rob Barlow moved to Islay, apparently there are some strange things going on: Look whats happening in Islay...!!

On Writes of Way we find a nice post about walking on Jura, Rainberg Mór – The Great Rainy Mountain has its day in the sun to be precise. I've mentioned part 1 somewhere, since then Mark has published The Isle of Jura (Part 2) and The Isle of Jura (Part 3) about his visit to, obviously, Jura.

Time for a bit of whisky, starting with the Germans: Highlights im Mai: Kieler Whiskymesse und Islay Festival of Music & Malt and Laphroaig Fassteilung II. Closer to home the Bruichladdich Blog writes about the Bruichladdich Pier Resolution and announces the Islay Festival Valinch 2010. The ardblog from Switzerland has launched a new forum. John Hansell points out the new US distributor for Kilchoman in Kilchoman whisky, The U.S., this September.

How about a bit more birdwatching? The Islay Birds blog has Golden Plovers and an interesting story about a suspected Otter as well as boxing Hares. Then there were Black tailed Godwit and reports of the first Corncrake. John Islay Birder Armitage writes about seawatching and an exciting day watching a Ring-necked Duck. He also writes about Adder predation and gives a Cetacean alert!

In other news the Islay Energy Trust writes about the Tidal Project on France3 Television (unfortunately my French is rather rusty, otherwise I'd try to watch it). On Ron's Islay Weblog we find Old Islay Postcards, that the New Islay Ferry Will Sail to Port Ellen and a few Images of the new Islay Ferry.

Pictures? OK, I give you Islay pictures: There's Bowmore on Photogenic Scotland. On Ron's Picture Blog we find a view from Dun Nosebridge and some bizarre trees. On Mark's Islay Photography Gallery I quite liked Bolsa beach, Waterfall and Caves and Loch Indaal (even though Mark missed us walking across Loch Indaal). Some lovely pictures from a walk on The Oa here.

I think that's it for now. Hopefully haven't missed too much. Of course I'm not going to leave you without the mention of the Scottish Roundup, this week with What a difference a week makes… after Ash! Ah-aaahhh… last week. And Digital disasters the week before.

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