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Diluain, 26/Apr/2010

Circus Dudes and Dudettes on Islay

Islay on Video written in stencil

Some light entertainment on a Monday evening, who can say no to that? How about going to the circus? Well, not really the circus just yet, but some young people from Islay recently attended a juggling workshop. At the end of the workshop they presented their newly acquired skills to the public on the Square in Bowmore. Here's a video of it I came across today:


I was quite impressed by the girl (Zoe, if I heard it right?) juggling with the scarves, quite a feat considering that there's some wind on Islay most of the time. All of them were great though, confidently showing what they had learned in a day or less.

Also note one of the editors of The Ileach walking through the picture at around 2:10 minutes. Always on the hunt for a good story…

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