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Diciadain, 12/May/2010

Islay Lighthouse Keeper Revisited

Picture of a lighthouse seen from a beach

In the times of GPS and other modern navigational aids lighthouses only play a limited role in the modern world. Nevertheless they still have their admirers and are important landmarks for many people, me included. The Northern Lighthouse Board still maintains and runs the lighthouses on Islay, even though the day to day running is all automated. Today I've come across an interesting report allowing my to revisit an earlier posting about Islay Lighthouse Poems:

Back then I introduced you to Peter Hill, a former lighthouse keeper who has published a book about his experiences called Star of the Four Kingdoms. Peter worked at Rhuvaal lighthouse in the north of Islay as well as the Rinns of Islay (or Rhinns of Islay if you prefer) lighthouse on Orsay towards the end of his career.

So what's new then about Peter and the lighthouses? (Come on, get on with it, the readers are waiting! Ed.)

Earlier today I found a page on the BBC Scotland site titled A lighthouse keeper's tale. The lighthouse keeper in question is of course Peter and we can learn more about his experiences. The report covers his whole time with the lighthouses at Killantringan, Sule Skerry, Ruvaal, Barra Head, Holburn Head, Inchkeith, Mull of Galloway, Ailsa Craig, Islay and the Rhinns. Islay receives a few mentions and it's an interesting read in general.

And there's more: Follow the link to In Pictures: Lighthouses and click through the pictures. I can't seem to link to individual pictures, but pictures number 3, 4 (I think) and 5 are from Islay.

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