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Diardaoin, 13/May/2010

Hugh Spicer's Islay and Gigha Pictures

Islay Pictures in stencil

My original plan for this evening was an excursion from Islay to Gigha with a few nice pictures from Gigha. A search for Gigha on Flickr quickly brought up some pictures by Hugh Spicer. But then it turned out Hugh had a bit more to offer. Among his 7,556 pictures (as of writing this) I also found some Islay pictures which looked strangely familiar:

Screenshot of a Flickr picture set of Islay pictures

You can see all the pictures in the Islay Trip, 5-6 April 2008 set, they are from a long weekend at the bothy in Proaig. So why did they look familiar? Because I had already linked to them in the Islay Link Potpourri from April 2008. Still, they are worth another look.

So what about those Gigha pictures? Here's a teaser:

Screenshot of a Flickr picture set of Gigha pictures

Looks promising, doesn't it? For much much more and most importantly to see them in full size go to the Kintyre & Gigha, March 2008 set. Most of them are the same, but you get a few more pictures when you search for Hugh's pictures tagged with Gigha. Some fantastic great wide open skies and some brilliant sunsets in there!

I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I did.

PS: If you've got a lot (and I mean a lot, there are over 400 pages of pictures) to spend take a look at Hugh Spicer's photostream in general. Some great pictures in there.

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