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Diluain, 17/May/2010

Ralfy's Tour of Kilchoman Islay Distillery

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Just yesterday I mentioned Ralfy with his whisky vid-blog reviews and his recent Trip to Islay. In that entry Ralfy mentions a visit to Kilchoman distillery and an interview with John MacLellan. Today he posted two videos of the guided tour around the distillery on YouTube and I poured myself a wee dram of the ‘Kilchoman Spring 2010 Release’ to watch and share them:


And straight on to the second part:


Great videos, great work by Ralfy and John, thank you guys! For more from Ralfy please head over to Whisky Reviews and Ralfy's Whiskystuff, some great stuff in there. Not only Islay, but you'll find quite a lot of Islay whiskies among them all.

An additional link to add to the tour: Oliver Klimek (yes, mentioned him yesterday as well) wrote up his experiences at the distillery in Islay Distilleries #3 of 8: Kilchoman – The Newcomer. Nicely complements Ralfy's video.

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