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Diardaoin, 03/Jun/2010

Off to Islay Beach Rugby and more

Islay on Video written in stencil

Almost gone. One more day and I'm on my to my next visit to Islay. Just in time before leaving I've finally managed to do it: The long promised video of the Islay Beach Rugby 2009 is finally ready. This is what I'm planning to see again live in just over a week:


Of course that will only keep me busy for one day of the two weeks I'm going to be on Islay. What else have I planned? First of all my sister will join me part of the time. She's planning to go horse riding at least once, I'm going to watch (and probably film) her doing just that. I also plan to do some walking and some more walking, both on my own as well as with my sister, on Islay as well as Jura. Meeting old and new friends is also high on the agenda, as well as a few distillery visits. And whatever else we'll be in the mood to.

Same as last time it is very unlikely that I will be blogging here. However, I plan to post on my Isle of Islay posterous account again, time, mobile phone signal and mood permitting. Well, I should think the mood won't be a problem. I also expect to post to my islayblog Twitter account, anything I consider worth an update (again mobile phone signal permitting).

Picture of a red Mini Clubman with spotlights fitted

If you're on Islay while I'm there and would like to meet up, get in touch and hopefully we can sort something out. Just don't always expect an immediate answer, did I mention the mobile phone signal? Should you spot the car on the right (with this Islay sticker on the back) driving somewhere, that will be me on my way to or from, well, somewhere on Islay.

That's me signing off from here for now, hopefully you'll follow my adventures on the accounts mentioned above. Otherwise you'll read me again here once I'm back from Islay, with a heavy heart.

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