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Diluain, 21/Jun/2010

Back from Islay (and Jura)

Islay blogging service on this blog is about to resume. After two fantastic weeks on Islay (and Jura) I'm back in Aldermaston Wharf and will now start to blog here again. Those of you who looked on my Isle of Islay posterous account will have seen what I've been up to in those two weeks, otherwise you can try the entries tagged with islay_june2010 to find them. But let me try a quick summary:

As mentioned before I left for Islay the core goals were visiting the Islay Beach Rugby, having a good time with my sister and getting some good walking in. Those three were certainly achieved. I will write more about the beach rugby tomorrow, in particular the video I created (if you know where to look, it's already online). So having a good time with my sister, we certainly had a lot of fun:

Picture of a woman pretending to ride a kid's tricycle

We did two great walks together, one on Islay from Killinallan to Mala Bholsa and one on Jura from the Jura House Gardens along the shore to Feolin. This is me on the beach at Killinallan Point:

Picture of a walker on a wide beach

On my own I also completed two walks, on Islay I walked from Port Ellen (Kilnaughton Bay) to Rubha nan Leacan on The Oa (the most southerly point on Islay) while on Jura I climbed two of the three Paps (Beinn an Oir and Beinn Shaintaidh). Here's a view from Beinn Shaintaidh over to the other two, Beinn an Oir on the right:

Picture of a view from one of the Paps of Jura to the other two

I met quite a few people, old and new, unfortunately also missed several people I had hoped to meet. In the end time just ran away. Now need to make double sure I catch up with them next time I'm on Islay.

My sister and I together took over 7,000 pictures during this holiday (although many of mine are raw materials for panoramas), many of them will find their way on to this blog, the Islay Pictures photoblog and elsewhere. Of course there were also several distillery visits, as you can see from the The Islay loot June 2010 picture.

I think those are the most important bits, more over the next few days.

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