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Dimàirt, 22/Jun/2010

Islay Beach Rugby 2010 Video Highlights

Islay on Video written in stencil

As promised yesterday I'm going to write a bit more about the Islay Beach Rugby today. It was certainly one of the highlights of our Islay visit for both my sister and me. The people, the games, the atmosphere, the location, the banter, there is just so much to enjoy. Same as last year I took a lot of pictures (to which my sister added quite a few as well) and filmed some video. During the day I posted some updates on my Isle of Islay posterous account, the relevant ones I've now tagged with islay_beach_rugby_2010. More importantly for today I've now uploaded the first video with some of the Islay beach rugby 2010 highlights to YouTube:


Unlike last year where it took me almost a year to complete an Islay beach rugby impressions video I'm a quite a bit faster this year: The first video was ready by Sunday late evening after the tournament. As I didn't have the ability to upload a long video while on Islay I gave a copy of it to Simon and the Bruichladdich IT crew, who uploaded a smaller version on to the 2010 Tournament - Review page on the Islay Beach Rugby website. Thank you, guys!

Now that I'm back home in Aldermaston Wharf I've uploaded the full size HD version of the Islay Beach Rugby 2010 Report to YouTube. I hope you'll enjoy it and it will give you a good impression of the action on Islay. I'm thinking of creating further videos, e.g. with more details of the Lassie and Laddie cup finals.

As mentioned above we've also got quite a few pictures, I plan to create a photo gallery with some of the best by the end of the week. Until then a picture of the Islay Womens Rugby Team during their warm up (with thanks to whoever gave the command for the action shot), a larger version will go on the Islay Pictures photoblog tomorrow:

Picture of the Islay Womens Rugby Team running towards the camera on the beach in Port Ellen

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