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Diciadain, 23/Jun/2010

Islay Blogging Roundup #125 - Catch Up Edition

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

It's been 3.5 weeks since the last Islay blogging roundup at the end of May. Before I return to the regular schedule on Sunday I thought I try to pull together a ‘catch up edition’ with some of the entries mentioning Islay just before and while I was away. While my own blogging continued on my Isle of Islay posterous account with the posts now tagged with islay_june2010 other blogs also continued to mention Islay (and Jura):

On Ron's Islay Weblog we find a restarted Islay News Roundup May and first Half June 2010, he also promises to mention a few blogs next time. He also posts a Sunrise over the Paps of Jura and sheep waiting for the bus. Keeping in mind the weather of the last few weeks (although I hear there was rain today) the Islay Energy Trust writes about Heat water while the sun shines….

Moving over to Jura Cottages Scotland writes about Walk Beinn a' Chaolais Jura Scotland. The Isle of Jura Fell Race is covered in ‘Heights of Madness’ while the Shrewsbury Canoe Club writes about the Famous Five & The Sea Kayak Portage Mystery which includes both Islay and Jura. On Stephs Blog we can read about a Jura Weekend.

Returning to Islay The Geologist Abroad visits Islay and Tony Laithwaite is fascinated by Islay. I've mentioned holgana previously (and expect to do so again), rhinns of islay lighthouse (from a different spot) is another interesting post here.

I don't know if they were spotted as they passed Islay and Jura, but Row For Heroes: Lands End to Scotland!! did go past some time in early June.

needled is a blog I've mentioned several times already, Kate has visited Islay and Jura many times over the years. Unfortunately she has suffered a major stroke in February, but it is very encouraging to read about her recovery and her return to Islay and Jura in fat rascals! competition! adventure!, vancation, finlaggan, winners, walking experiments and in a way confectionery. Well worth reading!

Travel Pictures (II) | nullmedium doesn't say much at first glance, but they are pictures of Islay. Carraig Fhada Lighthouse from the Oa can be found on Ron's photoblog. Some of the highlights on Mark's Islay Photography Gallery include Rhinns Lighthouse 2, Bog Cotton and the Paps, Ardbeg Funfair and Woodland Bluebells.

The Drum-Up mentions Graeme Obree on Islay. reviews Four Bruichladdich Scotch Whisky Expressions while Bagging Scotland writes about Cask Strength on Islay. Dave Wood writes about Islay : Two Weeks of Angling and Dramming while Islay features also in 50% New Blogs or Your Money Back! on the Scottish Roundup. Friday 4 June Campbeltown to Port Ellen ( Islay ) covers a sailing visit to Islay with more in Saturday 5 June Port Ellen and Sunday 6 June Islay to Jura.

Of course there was also quite a lot of wildlife- and birdwatching: The Islay Birds blog has a picture of a Short Eared Owl and a great picture of a stag on Jura (note the buttercups). There's also a great picture of a Corncrake from a new bird photographer and some numbers from one of the Corncrake counts. John Islay Birder Armitage writes about various birdwatching experiences and birds adopting to the environment. The still young Islay Natural History Trust blog is going from strength to strength, some highlights include Lunar Thorn moth - new to Islay!, Six-Spot Burnet Moth and Excitement at the Natural History Trust.

And with that I close the catch up edition, I hope I haven't missed anything really really good. If I did please post it in the comments.

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