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Diardaoin, 24/Jun/2010

Islay Hotel Port Ellen June 2010 Update

Islay News in stencil

With my previous visit to Islay having been just two month before there weren't too many visible changes at the Islay Hotel in Port Ellen. Still, the pictures do show some nice further progress and I can show you a picture of an interesting new feature. For comparisons you might want to take a quick look at the Islay Hotel Port Ellen Update from mid April. Last week I went to Port Ellen twice to look at the hotel, once also meeting Roland:

Picture of a two men in front of an under construction hotel

The front corner is now almost finished as well. The scaffolding is gone and the windows have been put in, construction of the ramp and pavement in front of the entrance are almost done. I assume the real door will only be put in towards the very end. Roland also mentioned a railing to be installed outside the door to stop people leaving the hotel bar stumbling straight into the road.

Picture of the front of an under construction hotel

Similarly more progress in the back with the scaffolding gone and the whole looking more ready:

Picture of the back of an under construction hotel

Now to one of the ‘attractions’ in the hotel, something Roland proudly showed me for the first time:

Picture of a geo thermal heating system

This is the geo-thermal heating system, the pipes on the right lead to the bore holes going very deep into the earth, picking up the heat. If I remember right the white box is the control system or heat exchanger, the grey cylinders are hot water tanks.

Not sure when exactly I'll find the time for it, but I'm hoping to update the Islay Hotel Port Ellen Panoramas within the next week or two with the latest panoramas.

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