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Diardaoin, 01/Jul/2010

Morrison Square Works, Bowmore, Islay

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When I was in Bowmore three weeks ago the work on Morrison Square was still in its early stages, as the picture I posted back then shows: Construction work on the square in Bowmore, Islay. Since then quite a lot of progress has been made as a few pictures a friend from Islay has sent me show. The first one I've stitched together from two pictures, a panoramic view from in front of the tourist information:

Panoramic picture of a view over a village square being refurbished

Then we have a view looking right from the tourist information towards the bank:

Picture of a view over the back of a village square being refurbished

At the end of May Ron published an article from the Ileach with a drawing of the plans in Bowmore Town Centre Improvements. There is now an information board with some more detailed drawings, here is a part of the board with a quite detailed drawing of how the square will look. Looks quite promising I think. I wonder what the circle in the middle of the square is, looks like it has some kind of map of Islay on it?

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