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Diciadain, 18/Aug/2010

Islay Pipe Band 6th in Grade 3A at The Worlds

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Last weekend the World Pipe Band Championships 2010 took place in Glasgow, Scotland. I almost missed it and the excellent result for the Islay Pipe Band, luckily friends from Glasgow alerted me to it. Before we get to the details of their results here's a video of them in action, shot by islay1011:

YouTube: Islay Pipe Band: World Championships 2010

Now the excellent result, in their first year in grade 3A they finished 6th at the World Championship! The details are slightly tricky to find, you need to go to the World Championships 2010 results page and then scroll down all the way until you reach grade 3A. The screenshot is probably a bit small, but if you've got good eyes you can see the top 8 bands (out of 22 in grade 3A) here:

Screenshot of some pipe band competition results

Once you click on ‘Isle of Islay’ from the above page you can also see all their competition results for 2010. As far as I can tell a good upward trend with their best result at the World Championship.

Congratulations to the Islay Pipe Band to the excellent results and I hope we can read more on the Islay Pipe Band News page soon!

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