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Dimàirt, 07/Sep/2010

Islay Laptop and Netbook Sleeves

OK, I think it's time for a shameless plug again. A shameless plug for Armin's Little Islay Shop to be precise. Remember the I'd rather be on Islay T-Shirt (which I'm modelling here) and the I'd rather be on Islay (Bumper) Sticker? As of today there's a third option for that design:

Picture of a laptop sleeve with a 'I'd rather be on Islay' print

Recently I discovered that (they ‘run the shop’ for me) are now offering laptop and netbook sleeves. Today I created the related products, which you can now order if you're interested. For now there are two options, an I'd rather be on Islay 15'' Laptop Sleeve and an I'd rather be on Islay 12'' Netbook Sleeve.

To my dismay I can't order one for myself (yet), for the simple reason that I've got a 17'' laptop while the largest version currently available is the 15''. I hope that some of you will find them useful to show where you'd rather be while stuck in the office or on a crowded commuter train…

Assuming you like it and just need another reason to buy it, if I read this right you can get it for free with orders over £40 (until the 1st of October 2010). Not sure if this only applies to UK customers or is available elsewhere as well.

With that ends this shameless plug, I hope you forgive me.

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