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Diluain, 18/Oct/2010

Morrison Square works in Bowmore, Islay, now complete

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It started a couple of months ago, now it is pretty much complete: Over the weekend a friend from Islay sent me the latest pictures of Morrison Square in Bowmore, some of them I'll show you below. Before you look at them you might want to look at the previous updates to refresh your memory: Morrison Square Works, Bowmore, Islay and Progress on Morrison Square in Bowmore, Islay should give a good idea what happened previously.

Let me start with a panoramic view of the whole square. As the space I've got available here is limited in size follow this link for a larger version of the panorama of Morrison Square:

Picture of a panoramic view over Morrison Square in Bowmore

We continue with two views from the same vantage point, first looking towards the left with Main Street:

Picture of a village square next to the main street

Next we turn right and look towards the tourist information centre, I think the way the stairs are laid out looks much more inviting:

Picture of a view over a village square with a tourist office on the right

Now we move to the side of the square, first looking from School Street over to the bank:

Picture of a view across a village square, a bank on the other side

Then we switch sides and look from the bank over to School Street:

Picture of a view across a village square, a road and a whitewashed house on the other side

Now you might have spotted the ‘round thing’ in the centre of the square, taking a closer look we get to see it's actually a map/ outline of Islay:

Picture from the centre of a village square, a map of Islay on the floor, tourist office in the background

Now I can't speak for others, but I quite like it. To me it looks fresher, more open, more welcoming. The paths kind of lead you into the square, which I assume was the intention. Of course it looks a bit bare at the moment, but I expect the flowerbeds will bring some colour to it next spring. What do you think, do you like it?

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