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Bear Bones - Oil & Lacquer

Suffering from a very bad cold at the moment, so unfortunately not too much blogging right now. However, I can still entertain you with some nice music I came across recently and wanted to mention for a few days now. And yes, of course there's an Islay connection. Before we get to that here's the video:

YouTube: Bear Bones - Oil & Lacquer

I first came across it on Counting The Beat, a music blog from New Zealand of all places. The entry Music Alliance Pact October 2010 lists the song and similar to other blogs like The Pop Cop in Music Alliance Pact – October 2010 writes:

Islay-born singer Ben Harrison's thick brogue and some inspired bursts of accordion make eight-strong Bear Bones an unmistakably Scottish proposition and Oil & Lacquer a heavenly way to spend four minutes. Fans of Belle & Sebastian won't be disappointed.

There's your Islay connection, a good enough excuse to mention it on this blog, apart from that I really like this song. For more about/from the band you can visit the Bear Bones website, the Bear Bones MySpace page, the Bear Bones Facebook page and even follow @bearbonesmusic on Twitter. If that's not enough then I don't know.

Good night, I'm off to bed again to hopefully cure that cold!

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