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Didòmhnaich, 07/Nov/2010

Islay Blogging Roundup #142

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

On Friday the Friday Islay picture returned with a Border Collie in Machir Bay, this Sunday evening it is the turn of the Islay blogging roundup. The clocks have gone back, it's long dark outside when I start writing this and Islay is starting to feel the impact of the winter storms again this evening with ferries cancelled and power cuts at least on the Rinns. Let's see what the blogs were up to regarding Islay and Jura over the last few weeks since the last roundup:

Ron is Back From Scotland including of course Islay where he spotted Two Eagles on Islay Including Close Up Pictures, had A Wild Day on Islay and watched a Dawn and Sunrise Seen from the Sound of Islay. Since his return he reports that Islay Ferries Divert to Port Ellen for Six More Weeks and posts a Morrison Square Bowmore Panorama Image.

Dubber and Clutch write about their involvement in the Jura Project and provide the link to The Jura Project website, a music project to save the Jura ferry. The website isn't a blog as such yet it has blog style entries, so I think some should be mentioned here. Things like Music with the kids from Small Isles School, The marquee at the bonfire night, Wow – double rainbow! and So far, and no further deserve a mention. There are also lots of videos, including Willie Cochrane talks about the ferry problems, So, apparently the lodge is haunted… and Off school for the day.

Staying on Jura go to Writes of Way for Terrible Tussocky Torture and Tumultuous Torrents and Marilyn, Vanessa and the Bog of Doom. Going back to Islay rhythmaning writes about Islay Jazz 2010. If you can plan a while ahead and live in or near the Netherlands you might be interested in Presentaties en thema-avonden bij AKV on the Kano Rijnland Blog (assuming I read it right the presentation on 12/Jan/2011 will be about an eight day sea kayaking tour around Islay). Ian of Flying Solo visited Islay for a few days, To Islay, Islay, Islay 2 and Laphroaig are his entries.

The Islay Energy Trust first of all says Congratulations Andy! (to child number three) They also have other New Recruits, the Home Energy Assessors hit the streets. Malt Fascination writes about Je eigen eiland! Some blogs are very specific with their topic, one is Rathlin and Glens Irish. Rathlin not being far from Islay they have an entry Gáidhlig Íle - Islay Gaelic followed by Some Samples of Islay Gaelic.

Of course there was a bit of bird- and wildlife and nature watching going on as well: Natural Connections visited Islay, the most interesting entry is probably Monday, November 01, 2010. The Islay Birds blog finished the month with the rainfall stats after earlier showing us a Waxwing and more waxwings. Of course there were geese, including this Pink Footed Goose with a Canada Goose and Geese breeding stats. The Islay Natural History Trust blog prepares for the storm with the calm before the storm and warns us Don't stand under a flock of Barnacle geese when they take off. It reports of Saving Species - BBC Radio featuring Islay's geese and after Moth hunting! there's Danny Arnold on Leaf-mining Micro moths.

As usual there was a bit of whisky stuff going on, the Bruichladdich Blog focuses on something else though, the Gas Works and Microbes Galore. At Caol Ila lorry drivers are told Do not move off before…. Eyf for Spirits from Germany tastes the Ardbeg Blasda while Luxist writes about Bunnahabhain Launches 30-Year Old 1980 Vintage. Whisky for Everyone have just tried the Laphroaig Triple Wood and Whiskybloggen writes about a whisky visit to Port Ellen in both Swedish and English. There are Notes from the Bruichladdich Tasting, Round I on The Casks and A Hands-On Whisky Experience on the Astor Blog.

Let me finish with a few pictures: On Meruby's Photoblog I quite liked Cloud, Saligo Bay in Winter 8/9, Saligo Bay in Winter 4/9 and Saligo Bay in Winter 2/9. On Mark's Islay Photography Gallery I quite like Sunset over Loch Gorm and Cognac & Cobwebs while on the Islaystudios's Blog the image of the week with peat stacks and the Paps of Jura is very nice. He also has an entry about DSLR’s & High ISO’s. From my own Islay Pictures photoblog I was quite happy with Border Collie on the Beach in Machir Bay, Barnacle Geese at autumnal Bridgend Woods and Moonrise over Loch Gruinart, Isle of Islay.

That should be it this week, I hope I have caught up with the most important ones. Of course there's still the reference to the Scottish Roundup, this week with Scottish Roundup is the Sunday papers after mentioning Islay last week in They come out at night, and give you such a FRIGHT. That's it, good night!

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