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Diluain, 08/Nov/2010

Hot Air Balloon Race on Islay?

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It might all be hot air and never happen (pun intended), but if they pull it off I'd love to see it: In about a years time, in October 2011, we could see hot air balloons lifting off from Islay for a race. Not many details are firm yet, but there are a few websites and accounts worth watching over the next few months:

I first came across it when the @ChasingtheDram Twitter account started following me, a favour I returned quickly after looking at what it was about. In short: A Scotch Whisky Hot Air Ballon race starting from Islay in October 2011. This then led me to a few more sites: As of writing this there isn't much to see on it, but it might be worth bookmarking the Chasing the Dram website. If you're on Facebook you can also ‘like’ the Chasing the Dram Facebook page.

The race is being organised and managed by Scotair Balloons, they are looking for further contacts and help to get this off the ground. If you can help contact information is on the website.

Good luck and fingers crossed that they can pull it off and we will see hot air balloons over Islay next year!

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