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Dimàirt, 09/Nov/2010

Islay Hotel Picture Update

Islay Pictures in stencil

While I'm quite far behind with the updates to the Islay Hotel Port Ellen Panoramas (I'm hoping to improve on that over the next few weeks…) I can at least post a few pictures of the Islay Hotel I took at the end of October to give those of you interested an update. Due to the rather damp weather for large parts of my Islay visit I left this to the very last minute and took the pictures literally minutes before boarding the ferry. To start with a quick mini-panorama of the front:

Panoramic picture of the Islay Hotel front in Port Ellen

Talking with Roland not much will change at the front of the hotel for the next few weeks, the door will be one of the last things to go in. From the front over to the back:

Picture of the back of the Islay Hotel in Port Ellen

Again the doors still have to go in (and I assume the wall will be painted), but the rest is pretty much finished on the outside. Notice the pile of logs on the left? I can show you where they will go (or probably have gone by now):

Picture of a fireplace in an under construction room

This is of course the open fireplace in the restaurant area of the hotel. Unfortunately it wasn't lit when I was taking the pictures, but I can imagine it will look (and feel) very nice with a roaring fire on a cold winter evening. Next some details from the rooms:

Composite picture of two pictures, a bathroom and a corridor with doors waiting to be installed

On the left obviously a bathroom, the bathroom of one of the guest rooms. What you can't really see in the picture is the shower, but I can tell you they look great. A huge overhead shower and a separate handheld shower if you prefer. On the right a view of a second floor corridor with some of the doors being put in. The door with the windows for one of the corridors, the solid door for the guest room.

I think I'll leave it at that for now, as far as pictures are concerned. I'll try to make a push to get up to date with the panoramas by the end of the month. In regards to the hotel in general, speaking with Roland he hopes to open early in 2011 in order to be fully ready for the 2011 season. He has secured the services of a very good chef, so the restaurant should be worth a visit. Oh, and the underfloor heating using the geothermal heat either will be switched on shortly (or has been by now, unfortunately can't remember exactly).

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