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Diardaoin, 11/Nov/2010

Repeat: Windy day in Port Charlotte, Islay (Updated)

Islay on Video written in stencil

Today I'm going to do what they do on the television all the time (allegedly, I don't really know as I don't have one), show you a repeat. Earlier today the Islay Natural History Trust blog posted an entry Weather issues - Port Charlotte pier a few minutes ago, which reminded me of one of my Islay videos from 2 years ago:

YouTube: Stormy weather in Port Charlotte, Isle of Islay

Now what you can see in the video is actually quite tame, keeping in mind what has happened further during the day: As you can read on Ron's blog there are no ferries for the time being: Islay Ferry Status Update and Calmac Statement about Status of Islay Ports give you an idea. Also the weather is starting to get worse as the Weather update on the INHT blog indicates. More worrying though is what I read earlier in a storm report on STV News:

Residents in Port Ellen on Islay have been issued with sandbags as high tides threaten dozens of homes along a half-mile stretch of the seafront.

Gavin Miller, 27, from Port Ellen, said: "It's the worst I've seen in my lifetime. We've been up just now helping the elderly residents with sandbags for their homes."

Fingers crossed all goes well and nobody gets flooded! I believe there's a high tide this evening and then again tomorrow morning.


A friend from Islay sent me a few quick pictures taken this afternoon, I've picked one of them and added another one I took myself in June. Shows how high the water was quite well I think:

Composite of two pictures, showing a pontoon at low tide and at a very high tide

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