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Dihaoine, 12/Nov/2010

Friday Islay Picture #172 - Morning at Kilchoman Church Ruin

Friday Islay Picture in stencil

So there we are, time for another Friday Islay picture. While sipping on a Bruichladdich Port Charlotte An Turas Mor earlier this evening and pondering which picture to post the latest entry on the Islay birds blog popped up. Two sentences in particular caught my eye, helping me to decide to post a topical picture:

The few remaining roof trusses on the former Kilchoman Church were victim to the gale. The only "blessing" was that the timbers fell into the ruin of the church, rather than out onto the surrounding gravestones.

This was the view of Kilchoman Church in October, three weeks ago, a view now gone in this form:

Picture of the ruin of Kilchoman Church on Islay

This was on a nice morning in October 2010, it had looked like this for a number of years. I can't remember exactly when the ones on the left fell over, but it's certainly a good number of years. Now the remaining roof trusses on the right have fallen victim to the harsh weather on Islay's west coast as well. It will be something to get used to when I visit Islay again next April.

As usual I will post a larger version of the picture on the Islay Pictures photoblog on Saturday morning, for those who would like to see it in bigger. For now it's Good Night and have a great weekend!

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