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Diluain, 15/Nov/2010

A possible stop on the way to Islay?

What to blog about on a cold and damp November Monday evening? I could just send you to the INHT blog to watch a video of a Labrador and his pal the Bottlenose Dolphin on Tory Island off Donegal, I'm sure that will cheer most of you up (unless you're completely heartless). But that's not exactly enough for a blog entry. How about a place I've come across today which might well be worth a stop on the way to Islay? You will find it in Tarbert:

Picture of a harbour front with a row of houses, fishing boats and the ruin of a castle

Now here's the story: Earlier today I found I had a new follower on Twitter, named @Bistroscotts from Tarbert, Loch Fyne. It's not a place I have been to, but looking at the Struan House and Scott's Quayside Food & Drink website it certainly looks interesting. The rooms look quite nice (of course there's an ‘Islay room’) and the menu looks fine to me as well. Oh, and there's free WiFi, always good for a blogger.

Looking through some of my pictures I even found a few pictures with it in it, one of them I cropped for the picture above. Scott's Bistro is the light building with the blue windows just to the left of centre.

As I've said, it's not a place I've been to yet, but I've added it to my list of places to test for future journeys to Islay. If you have any personal experiences you're willing to share feel free to let me know.

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