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Dimàirt, 16/Nov/2010

Music for Islay Whiskies?

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No, it's not Saturday, it's only Tuesday. Still some music this evening, although it's music I suspect not many of you will be used to. However, it is Islay related, Islay whisky related to be precise. Dave Smith, a regular visitor to Islay, has composed music he called ‘Whiskies of Islay’. This is the one for Bunnahabhain:

YouTube: Whiskies of Islay by Dave Smith

For more information about the music read the description at the video (link above) or go to the CoMA library and in the ‘Title of Piece’ field enter ‘Whiskies of Islay’ (without quotes), unfortunately I can't seem to link to the information directly.

I wrote ‘it's music I suspect not many of you will be used to’, I certainly am not. And to be perfectly honest it's not something I'm going to spend much, if any, time on in the future either. It's just not my style of music, I didn't really like it at all. How about you, what do you think? Did you like it or did you hit stop half way through?

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