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Diciadain, 17/Nov/2010

Bruce Springsteen on Islay

Islay Pictures in stencil

Bruce Springsteen on Islay? Really? Well, to be honest, I have no idea if he's even ever heard of Islay, let alone been anywhere near it. I suspect the closest concert was probably in Glasgow. So I've made him visit Islay, kind of. For a reason, but more about that later. He arrived in Port Askaig:

Picture of a small harbour with Bruce Springsteen standing on the pier

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His next stop on Islay was his first distillery visit, dropping in at Bruichladdich. Here we see him in the still house:

Picture of Bruichladdich distillery still house with Bruce Springsteen on the visitors gallery

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From Bruichladdich it isn't far around Loch Indaal to Bowmore, where we can see him standing on the pier. Bowmore distillery and the famous Round Church in the background:

Picture of a coastal village with Bruce Springsteen standing on its pier

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Last but not least he travelled over to Port Ellen and Laphroaig distillery, again the picture shows him in the still house:

Picture of a row of stills with Bruce Springsteen standing in front of them

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And that's all from Bruce Springsteen's Islay visit. Which was more of a virtual visit. Of course there's a reason for all this: Earlier today the German Spreeblick blog had an entry Verlosung: Bruce Springsteen, The Promise: The Darkness On The Edge Of Town Story, announcing a prize draw to win said special edition album. To be in it to win it you have to complete a small challenge:

Das Mitmachen funktioniert mal wieder über Fotos: Wir wollen Springsteen sehen, und zwar bei euch. Ladet euch hier den freigestellten Boss als PNG herunter und photoshopped ihn in eine nette Umgebung oder druckt ihn euch mit dieser PDF-Vorlage aus, setzt ihn wohin und fotografiert ihn dort.

Quick translation of the key points: We want to see Springsteen at your place. Download the picture of The Boss and photoshop him into a nice place or print off the PDF, sit him down somewhere and take a picture.

I decided to let him visit Islay. My Photoshop skills are rather limited, but after a bit of trial and error I'm fairly happy with the results. If your Photoshop skills are better than mine (which can't be very difficult), please join in and post the links to your efforts in the comments on Spreeblick (and if they involve Islay please also in the comments here).

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