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Diciadain, 24/Nov/2010

Islay (and Argyll) Offshore Windfarm Survey

Islay News in stencil

The Islay Energy Trust needs your help. Some of you (at least those with a good memory) might remember the initial news about an Offshore Windfarm Near Islay in February 2009, followed by the Update on Offshore Windfarm Near Islay earlier this year. Since then there have been a few developments:

Most importantly (and the main reason for this entry) there is a new survey the IET is running about the project to gather opinions and input. You can read more in the Questionnaire on Argyll Offshore Wind Projects entry on the IET blog, if you're not on Islay to pick up a paper questionnaire you can fill in an online version. Andy Macdonald has confirmed that they are interested in views of both residents and other interested people (just make sure you fill in where you live).

In addition there are a few updates on the Islay page of the Project portfolio on the Scottish and Southern Energy website. Back in April there were no photomontages of the potential visual impact available (there are now, see below), so I created one myself:

Picture of how an offshore windfarm might look

Turns out I wasn't too far off: While I got the direction wrong (they will be visible towards the northern side of Machir Bay, not the south as in my attempt) and colour (they of course will be light coloured, not dark), the size looks about right. Go to the Zone of theoretical visibility and photomontages material (PDF download) for a number of photomontages by the experts.
There's also a new website address to note: It just sends you to the page I've already mentioned above at the moment, but it might be worth watching the Islay project website at as the project progresses.

Either way I believe this will be a very important project for Islay in many ways, so please take the time for the survey/questionnaire and help the Islay Energy Trust with your input.

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